Welcome to the story of Kief Kreatief

Our mission is to inspire the creative spirit in each of us, our customers and ourselves. Our vision is to be the inspirational leader for our customers becoming their “Happy Place” through superior assortments, presentation, and service.

In 1998 I acquired a paint shop, Paint Factory and mainly sold household paints and consumables and a small bit of craft products.

Due to customer requests, more craft products were added. The shop expanded to the extent that in 2005 we had to move to a bigger shop.

In 2008 my daughter, Natasha joined me at the shop, taking over the reins of the craft section. Our Customers asked for more craft products, Natasha listened, and soon the craft section was bigger than the household section.

A new adventure started in 2010. We acquired a lasercutter, Natasha attended a Corel draw course and we started manufacturing our own laser cut items. We also started with craft workshops.

With all the craft products in the shop and the household side being “pushed out”, we needed a new “crafty” name. We launched a competition for a new name, and the final vote revealed our new name to be Kief Kreatief.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck in July 2013 when the shop was set on fire, destroying the whole back section of the shop, damaging the lasercutter and ruining most stock in the front. We were devastated. With Customer, Friends and Family supporting us with moral support, food, and the cleaning of the shop – We survived. With the laser cutter damaged, Natasha imported another laser cutter. I managed to repair the damaged lasercutter and now we have two laser cutters.

With the success of importing the two lasercutters, we started importing other craft items till this day.

During June 2014, we added a sublimation system and started printing custom tiles to help make our customer’s mosaic art works even more special.

We were blessed with a few exceptional workers. One we remember fondly is Niqi. She had Cystic Fibrosis and always worked with a smile. She unfortunately passed away in December 2019.

In 2015 my wife, Helené joined the Kief Kreatief team and we started spending more time expanding the craft section.

It was time for a revamp. In 2018 the shop was shuffled around, and the workshop area was expanded even more.

After working at Kief Kreatief for 11 years, Natasha left the shop in 2018 to pursue her career as an emotional therapist. Natasha still helps with the designing and social media.

Kief Kreatief started from humble beginnings and now in 2020, we are a reputable and amazing craft shop situated in Rietfontein, Pretoria.

Wow, 2021 was a hard year for everyone. We are grateful to still be open and thank the Lord for his grace in keeping us going.

New Lasercutter

Our New Lasercutter
The arrival of the new lasercutter after the fire

After math of the fire

The Fire
Fire damage

Locked out

Mom and Dad locked out of the shop

New Look

New Look
Danie busy revamping the new workshop area